Window Eyes

Don H

I am one of those who used Window Eyes for many many years moving from Vocal Eyes when Windows first came about.
After Window Eyes ended up in FS hands I did take advantage of moving to the free offering to JAWS. At the same time I installed and began using NVDA. Dispite that fact that I could continue to use Window Eyes I uninstalled it to encourage my movement to either Jaws or NVDA. I am now using NVDA 99 percent of the time and only move to Jaws if I have a issue with a web site. Doing this I find mostly that if NVDA has having a issue with a web site Jaws normally has the same issue.
I do keep up with all the updates to both NVDA and Jaws.
So from a old Window Eyes user NVDA has been the easier screen reader to learn and as I said meets my needs.