updates on windows upgrade status



Well remember when joseph posted that update that was in preview in the insider, of the latest cu to windows, that update is published.

This means that all the ms issues for update blocks are now gone.

For those holding off getting 1809, I would still hold off for another week or 2 though.

The remaining issue  is that you may or may not be able to seek with windows media player.

Its due to be fixed they say mid month so they must mean patch tuesday.

If you go and update though, and have an nvidia card, the latest driver causes edge to crash.

There is an update to that driver, if you havn't updated recently then do so and you will be ok, if you updated the driver recently after installing that update you will have to update again.

Finally for those on icloud 7.90 is out, I don't know if this finally fixes all the issues that were with it but that and a new version of itunes are out so its worth checking for os updates to.