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Hello, Does anyone know of a tool used to check for errors for a web site? That is errors due to the site not accessible.






        From an e-mail message I recently sent to one of my clients:

          The first is the WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool:
On this webpage you supply the web address of the webpage you wish to have analyzed from an accessibility perspective.  The tool identifies all (or at least most) of the page coding errors that restrict accessibility and gives direct instructions on how to fix them.  It can be invaluable information for web developers who have never taken accessibility into account and in showing them easy ways to do so going forward.
             There is also a form and checklist at the site that can help web programmers:
              The formal conventions document (or one of the major ones, there are a couple of others, and it makes reference to them) is the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines which are available here:
               These are all things you might want to pass along not only to tech geeks, but to those who are working with them to create new web content.  Even the non-technically minded can find it enlightening to run WAVE against a webpage that's really accessible to a screen reader user then do the same for one that's not.

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