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Hello everybody. people have been asking about Quick Assist. Unfortunately, most remote assistance programs aren’t accessible because they share an image. Of course, there’s JAWS Tandem and the NVDA remote facility. There’s also Teamviewer, the program that AIRA uses. It worsk ok as far as I’ve tested it but it’s difficult to get the Team Viewer menu. What experiences have you had with Team Viewer?

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As an aside, if I were the blind individual giving assistance, I'd use something like NVDA Remote, and have the sighted side either install NVDA long enough to allow that or to run a portable copy to allow it.  I do not know how NVDA Remote and a portable copy of NVDA interact, or even if they can.  There is certainly someone here who can answer that question definitively.

JAWS is a trickier business because, under usual circumstances, someone who does not typically use it and does not have a license could only run it in 40-minute mode.

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