status of win7/8/8.1 retail lisence keys

enes sarıbaş

Hi All,

I just got off the phone with Microsoft regarding win7/8/8.1 retail keys, and I was given the following information. I share it with the community so it can be of use to others with the same questions, and remain in the archive.

For retail status of retail keys, it is retained if you upgrade a key from 7/8 to 10. With these keys, as long as you no longer use the lisence on the previous device, you can use this key to activate a new computer, or to replace the existing lisence. For example, if you got a new laptop with win10 home, but wanted pro, and had your 8 pro key, all you do is go to settings/update & security/activation, click on change product key, and input the key. No phone activation, used in windows 8 before is required. The process happens completely over the internet.

There is an exception however. If you used an upgrade key to upgrade an edition of windows to another edition, for example, purchased a home to pro upgrade, that upgrade key becomes machine specific, and this upgrade cannot be transfered to another computer. This effectively converts a retail to OEM.