Problem accessing Samsung J120 phone and file explorer

JM Casey

Heye veryone.


I’ve until recently been able to connect my old Samsung j120 phone to my desktop and access a limited version of its folder structure using file explorer. It’s very convenient because I can easily move, copy, and delete files from the computer. I particularly use this to  put items on the phone’s SD card like music and audiodramas, etc. I simply transfer using copy and paste from my system hard disks and it works very nicely.


Recently though, when I try to access the phone, there are issues. Previous few times, the phone did not show up at all, but I *think* I was able to do a ‘driver update” through device manager, and things seemed normal.

Today though, the Samsung J120 is showing up in This pC, in a different place than usual (it’s usually right above the C drive, but I don’t think I can access it directly from the run dialog box). It shows up right above “videos” and says “portable media player”, which I don’t recall seeing previously (although it is possible that I did as I wasn’t looking for discrepancies”. I attempt to enter the phone, but see nothing but an apparent folder with 0 items, or even am thrown right back into this pc without any new window opening. The phone’s storage and SD card appear to work alright internally and I can access everything from the phone itself.


Any thoughts? What has Microsoft done? :P




Recently though when I connect the phone there seem to be mysterious issues.