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Bill Powers

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My wife has a new Dell 8940 desktop running Win 10 Home 20H2. It’s running NVDA and Magnifier to let me see things on screen. I set the mouse pointer to a yellow color so it’s always fairly visible on screen. I discovered a peculiar problem where any time I go to install a program after putting its files in the Download folder, as soon as install starts the mouse pointer loses its yellow color and becomes a standard white pointer and remains so until the computer is rebooted. I know it’s a slim chance here since most listers have no sight, but anyone else see something similar happen and is there a fix for this? If no answers I’ll call the “Boundless”, the vendor that set up the computer before we got it, and I guess barrin that, Microsoft Disability. But I want to see if anyone else has seen this issue.





Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>


          I have never encountered this, but I have two suggestions for you given your visual status and that's trying out either Daanav Mouse or, if it still works on 20H2 home, Big Mouse Pointer.  Here is a link to a ZIP file on my Google Drive that contains both programs:  Mouse Enlarger Programs

Both are portable programs, so you don't have to install them.  Big Mouse Pointer is being cranky for me under 20H2 Pro, but has worked fine under many prior versions of Win10 Home.  Daanav is working for me under 20H2 home.  The initial custom pointer that will come up with Daanav once you toggle the pointer on is what I call the Purple Star.  Dead center in the small square at the center of the star is where the tip of your mouse pointer is located.  You can set a toggle key to turn Daanav's alternate mouse pointer on and off as you need it.  There are also six additional templates for the alternate mouse pointer in different shapes and colors in the Mouse_Outlines folder.

You would want to have ZoomText or Fusion mouse enhancements off before playing with either one of these.

If you want further assistance with these, feel free to contact me off-list.

Brian - Windows 10 Pro, 64-Bit, Version 20H2, Build 19042

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