I'm wondering what happened that wouldn't allow me to delete two folders in Windows 10

Kevin Minor



I’ve never encountered this situation before, and I’m curious about why it happened.


I download music from a paid service. When I get the files, I run them through Switch, an audio converter to lower their bitrates to save space. I have it delete the original files once converted, so the folders they were in should be empty. Until almost two weeks ago, I’ve never encountered a problem. Two weeks ago tomorrow, I was doing the usual thing. I check to make sure I have downloaded everything for the day by referencing everything with an email that I get. I got to two folders that I got, and, knowing I had them, attempted to delete them. Problem was I couldn’t. Windows reported an error, and I could try again. I did more investigating, and the result was Windows wouldn’t boot, and it was as if the SSD had nothing on it. Today I redownloaded the day the fun started, and the exact same happened with the two problem folders. Thanks to the Geek Squad, the problem folders are gone. I just downloaded today’s content, and it went without a hitch.


My simple question is what happened? The two problem folders should only contain .mp3 files. Tomorrow I’m calling the music service and giving them a heads up.


One last thing to report. I called Geek Squad twice. The first level 2 dude I dealt with considered solving the problem by hiding the folders so Windows Explorer wouldn’t display them. Hmmmm. Wonder why I couldn’t create a new folder with the old name? Needless to say, I was not happy.


Thanks in advance for any insight.


Kevin, Valerie and Jilly