April 2021 Windows 10 development briefing: News and Interests, Linux GUI apps, reordering virtual desktops and more #wintendev


Hi all,

For folks new to this forum: I believe that you should know about what’s happening with Windows 10 development, hence these briefings.

I kept thinking about when would be the best time to send a development briefing (last time was earlier this year). Now that Version 21H1 is official, I felt it is time to present another briefing as we need to cover a lot.


Windows 10 April 2021 development briefing

Builds: Version 21H1 (19043), Cobalt (21370)



  • Version 21H1 is being finalized.
  • Windows 10 Cobalt is going through final stretch.


Shell (Desktop, Taskbar):

  • News and Interests is now rolling out to anyone using Windows 10 Version 1909 or later.
  • You can now reorder virtual desktops (dev channel). To do this, set up multiple virtual desktops, open Task View (Windows+Tab), move to virtual desktops list, focus on the desktop you wish to move and press Alt+Shift+left/right arrows.
  • You can now have different backgrounds for different virtual desktops.


Windows Subsystem for Linux:

  • You can now run GUI (graphical user interface) Linux apps (dev channel), and reports indicate that you can (finally) run Orca (a Linux screen reader) inside WSL.


There are so many other changes, but the ones listed above are notable ones. Microsoft is aware of issues experienced by dev channel Windows Insiders, including a printer driver issue that affects at least one resident Windows Insider.