Converting emails to Windows 10

Ricky Lomey

Hi list

Are there any other programmes than building a virtual XP machine and also
Windows Live Mail that can convert emails from Outlook Express 6.0 to
Outlook 2016 in Windows 10, I don't expect technical details here but when
you Google it, it seems so easy but it's not as simple as opening the files
and importing the messages, the Windows live Mail programme my techie
installed remotely and one video he found on Google told him the same advice
but for some reason it wouldn't follow the instructions given, my techie
thinks the only way would be to get a virtual XP machine or maybe this
desktop has enough space for him to install one on or maybe the info on
Google is paid products, not sure, I'll also go through the results I
Googled but some just seem too easy though I'd never try it at home myself.


Ricky Lomey