Joseph Lee resumes head list representative/admin duties #AdminNotice


Hello Win10 Forum family,

Joseph Lee is back as your head list representative/administrator (owner). I hope you are enjoying various holidays you are celebrating, and for many, preparing for 2021.

Throughout this not so short vacation, I reflected on many things, including the growth of the Win10 forum cluster over the years, particularly in 2020. One thing I realized is that we need to build interpersonal trust in addition to distributing useful content, as trust helps sustain this forum. Trust helps new people adjust better to Windows 10 ecosystem, and trust and relationships, together with useful content, sustains our forum’s good reputation, both internally and externally. This will be more important in 2021 as I will carry out what I set out to do: pass on the baton to someone.

Speaking of passing on the baton, sometime in January, I will be asking you all to nominate a long-time member you think should succeed me. Although self-nominations are welcome, I would prefer if you nominate someone else. Nominees must be considered an adult in the country of residence (in United States, you must be at least 21 years old), a blind computer user with knowledge of at least two screen readers, have been using Windows 10 since at least Fall Creators Update (Version 1709), some experience with Groups.IO list management, and have been a continuous member of Win10 Forum for at least three years (in this case, you should have been an active member since January 2018 or earlier; active means posts). At least that’s the minimum qualifications: the ideal nominee must be at least 25 years old and blind as defined by the country of residence, have extensive (including training) experience with at least two screen readers (including noted expertise in at least one and communication with screen reader vendors), an active user of Windows 10 since Anniversary Update (Version 1607) with familiarity with Windows Insider Program (WIP participation is recommended), and have been an active member of this forum (and Insiders subgroup if you will) since January 2017 or earlier, a plus is track record of effective Groups.IO forum management, including familiarity with forum settings and communication with owners from other groups and Groups.IO staff. There is one more qualification I will spell out in detail in January, involving being able to say at least three phrases in public (thank you, I am sorry, you are right) that will reveal your responses to pressure and character as an owner/leader/administrator/head list representative of a diverse forum with hundreds of members. Most importantly, think about nominating someone who may have different leadership style than I yet be able to keep the forum going with the three basic pillars: unity, expertise, service. One important group of people to not nominate: screen reader vendors (yes, Microsoft staff is disqualified) in order to keep the forum impartial, and of course, people with banned email addresses are ineligible to serve as forum leaders. Once I receive nominations, I will be interviewing candidates and will announce who will succeed me by March at the latest, with the new owner in charge effective one week after Windows 10 Version 21H2 is released (October at the earliest) so the successor can shadow me throughout Version 21H1 era.

As we prepare for 2021, I, the Win10 Forum admin, would like to remind you once again: keep yourselves safe and healthy. Make sure to wear masks in public, wash hands, and follow guidance from health authorities wherever you are.