Removing some kind of tag from text and pictures using MS Edge

Bill Powers

Hi All,


Not sure how to explain it but when I’m looking at news headlines in MS Edge I can run my mouse across the screen using Zoomtext Fusion, and while there are times I see ToolTips when I go across the bottom, I keep running into a different looking block of text either in headline text or across the pictures I see on my screen. They look different from ToolTips since those are black letters on white background, these other “tags” are white text on black background and this is when I’m in the “dark” theme. I haven’t figuredout navigating through the various headlines just using the keyboard, which is what I hope to learn, and these headlines and pictures are all of varying sizes so they don’t stay even across the line from left to right. It seems mouse navigation right now is all I can handle. But seeing those “tags”, not good. Where do I go to get rid of that, if it's possible?


Thanks for any help.