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Hamit Campos

Added a little more to the subject line as I have an ask for a refresher after. So quick report. Yes indeed it will convert M4A files Switch will. Wow it can even save up to a 7.1 surround sound wav file. Now my quick question for refresh. Brian remind me again that add blocker you used please? YouTube at least with Chrome won’t let you skip adds and so I may finally have to do it. I didn’t want to because those adds pay your favorite Youtubers you know, but oh wells.


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Question then well 2 is there an accessable way to play them on the pc or is there a way to download them in mp3?



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From: Brad Snyder
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Audible files are protected, and cannot be converted.

- Brad -


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Hi sorry this is sort of off topic. Is there an easy accessible way of converting audible format in to mp3 or something like it? Or is there an accessible player for audible format?



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Hi Kevin,

It sounds like you did not get the free version for non commercial use.

I have it on my Mac and Windows.


On Dec 7, 2020, at 11:57 AM, Kevin Minor <kminor65@...> wrote:




I got Switch, but it only let me convert 50 files, then I had to purchase it. I’m not complaining. It’s a great program.


Kevin and Jilly


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Switch free sound converter,

From NCH Software.


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Does anyone know of a free utility that is accessible to convert out the mp3 audio from an mp4 file?










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The only ad blocker I use these days for Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge is uBlock Origin along with uBlock Origin Extra on the Chromium-based browsers.

I honestly don't know if you're going to have embedded ad content in videos blocked, if that's how they're presenting it, but the only way to tell if it does what you want is to install the extension and try it.

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