Setting up windows on my new hp

Jaffar Sidek

Hi.  I just got my new HP laptop these few hours.  I started it up, pressed Ctrl+Windows+Enter to bring up narrator to no avail. I read on the hp support site that you have to wait for an instruction screen, press the continue button, then choose to start up windows normally with the arrow keys and press enter again.  Does this mean that narrator won't be available until you press enter to start up window?  Also, I don't know if when a new HP laptop is started, windows is being installed.  Can any one of you who uses  HP help?  Thanks a million.  Cheers!

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

It shouldn't be exclusive to HP, but most initial starts under the later versions of Windows 10 will automatically present a screen very early on where Narrator is active and ask if you want to keep it that way.  But this depends on whether the version of Windows 10 is new enough.  There is plenty of NOS (New Old Stock) hardware out there that still ships with older versions of Windows 10.

It's really difficult to give really specific advice without knowing exactly what's occurring, and I realize that in a situation like this that's a Catch-22.

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