An umpteenth notice from the head list representative about feature update deployment: I said, ENOUGH! #AdminNotice


Hello Win10 forum family,

A few years ago I (your head list representative/forum owner) requested that we start moving away from asking repeatedly about feature update deployment. Specifically, I declared in one of those notices that I will no longer answer posts that asks, “when will I get such and such feature update” and variations of these. I know that this is acceptable if you are truly new to Windows 10 ecosystem and might be wondering about frequent releases. But now that Windows 10 is more than five years old with feature update deployment rhythm firmly established, even going so far as Microsoft and observers notifying folks as to what’s going on with upgrade blocks and such and reassurance that you’ll get upgrades when it is ready for your system, it would be best to move away from these discussions.


As your forum administrator, I’m heartbroken that we have to endure this. I’m more heartbroken when people constantly bring up different variations of feature update deployment questions despite clear answers given, both on this forum cluster and elsewhere, especially more so after repeated warnings from the forum admin. So, with a heavy heart, I once again will answer a few frequently repeated questions for sake of helping new people understand what’s going on and to declare that we need to move on:


Q. When will a feature update show up on my system?

Whenever Microsoft and OEM’s say the system configuration you are using is ready for a feature update.


Q. I really want to use the just released feature update.

Please READ AND WAIT (I repeat: please read and wait). Please read what’s new and changed with the just released feature update first (that’s why I include these as part of screen reader compatibility notices), and if you know you’ll be using something from the new update, wait until it shows up on Windows Update unless there is a real urgent need to use new features.


Q. Do I have the latest feature update?

It depends on when you ask. What is considered the latest update changes almost every six months. To check what the current feature update is, you can visit Windows 10 release information page at:



Q. What will happen if someone asks the feature update deployment question again?

Expect an off-list chat with the leadership team and the thread promptly locked. It is okay to ask within the first few days after a feature update graduates Insider Preview testing (understandable if you are totally new to Windows 10 and how the update works), but if a question like this shows up a week after the feature update is released, expect leadership action.


Actually, please don’t post these questions again. I hate to say the following, but it must be said now: the next time a seasoned Windows 10 user posts a repeat question about feature update deployment, that will be a trigger for me to explode i.e. take serious action. Some of you know well what I mean, so please do not let me transform into a volcano. I am serious.