Letter from the head list representative: Austin, take care of this forum for the rest of the year #AdminNotice


Hello Win10 forum family,

First, thank you everyone for checking in on my condition. It is your encouragement that keeps me going.

As you can see from the subject line, I am asking Austin Pinto (associate owner/list representative) to take care of this forum for the rest of the year, effective November 4, 2020 (I already voted). I’ll occasionally post advice and/or cumulative update announcements, but I encourage people to step up on this front please.


Many of you know me as a person who is deeply involved in things – Win10 forum, NVDA contributions, communication with Microsoft over Insider Preview issues, among others. These days I’m focusing on making sure I end my undergraduate courses with good impressions in preparation for graduate school and other life events.


At the same time, I know that I need a truly restful break – despite taking a break from screen reader development a few months ago, apart from specific events, I didn’t take a full break from managing this forum. I plan to use this time away from Win10 forum management to focus on other activities, as well as reflect on who I am as a person and a leader i.e. personal care.


To Austin, listen to and encourage people. To Brian, thank you for encouraging and giving me serious things to think about, including life and group management issues. To members, keep up the good work and encourage each other, especially now that we need to work together to overcome difficulties including health and safety during this pandemic.