Reminders from head list representative: take notices seriously, filtering, content is the key to success #AdminNotice


Hello everyone,

Next week, we will be celebrating five years of Groups.IO presence. Although we started out on a different platform in October 2014, the forum in its current form was made possible thanks to Groups.IO. What makes our forum flexible is various ways you can contribute – searching archives, emails, web interface, keeping up with Windows 10 news (speaking of which, looks like it’s time for another development briefing), and encouragements. What makes our forum successful is content and unity, making it possible for people from many backgrounds to come together with one purpose: advocating for Windows 10 ecosystem accessibility from screen reader users perspective.


As we await the public release of the next feature update (October 2020 Update) and welcome new members along the way, your head list representative would like to remind you of three important things:


Filtering is useful: if you want a guarantee that you’ll find forum messages in a predictable location, please set up filtering (email rules). You can filter by subject ([win10]), email address (, among other criteria. Or if you really want to see Win10 forum posts in a predictable location, provided that you wish to read special notices such as cumulative update announcements, you can filter by subject to include well-known hashtags such as #kbalert.


Speaking of emails from the forum, please take Groups.IO notices seriously: it was reported that people may not be getting bounce probe messages when I send probes based on membership list. If you do get a bounce probe message (such as a message from that says “your email address is bouncing” or something similar), take it seriously and follow the instruction (clicking the link provided in the email. Other Groups.IO notices to be aware of include calendar notices, content messages (specifically if someone reports your message as objectionable to me).


Speaking of content, that is what makes this forum so successful: as I implied numerous times, what is more important than a debate about reply placement (which is understandable) is content. Some would say that folks should put their reply at the top of an email, while others will point out that in-line reply makes the context more apparent. Because this forum cluster (Win10 forum and Windows Insiders subgroup) does not have a rule about reply style, I leave it up to individual members (I tend to follow the rule about reply style as posted on a forum’s guidelines, and I tend to reply at the top unless the situation warrants in-line replies). But one thing I must stress as your head list representative (and forum owner): please think carefully about message content, because as soon as you click “Send”, it becomes a public record (I am not going to make forum messages private to be read by members only because what’s more important is public good and knowledge). My statement above can also be interpreted as saying that member messages are so influential, and as such, it determines the success of our forum cluster, hence another reason for emphasizing content.


Hope this helps.