What could be causing a major slow down accessing files/folders on my WiFi network at home?

Richard B. McDonald



I am running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit (1909) and JAWS 2020 on both of my PCs, one a desktop and one a laptop.  I have a WiFi network at home (not a “Home” network).


Sometime ago, accessing files and folders on my network slowed down drastically.  For example, on the desktop I have shared with “Everyone” on the WiFi the “Public” folder.  Now, on my laptop, when I try to access the “Public” folder on the desktop, it often takes like three minutes before File Explorer populates with the files/folders located there.  In the past, it would populate nearly instantly.


What could be causing this slow down?  Might there be some setting in Windows Security or Windows Firewall that is causing this?  What can I try to regain my fast access to files/folders shared on my WiFi?