Adding a Signature that is specific to a Group #AdminNotice


For those who would rather that their actual "daily" e-mail not have a signature like mine, with the Windows 10 edition, version, and build information in it, PLEASE use the option that will affix a signature only to messages coming to a given group (and you can limit that to when e-mail posting, web-posting, or both).

I have covered how to get yourself set up to be able to log in to the website in the document, Controlling the Messages You Receive via E-Mail from  If you have never yet established a password for your account, which has the e-mail address with which you subscribed as the user ID, please read the section at the beginning of that document about establishing a password.

The Signature feature is easy to use, and I'd advise you to actually set up your signature in Microsoft Word, or the editor of your choice, and then copy and paste it in.  This way, if you have specific formatting you prefer, it will be carried over.

Once you are logged in to the site:

1. Go to the Windows 10 Group Subscription Page.  For everyone, that page will be:
since that page is associated with your account.  

2. Navigate to the Signature edit box.  Type in or paste in the text you want as your signature for the Windows 10 for Screen Reader Users group.

3. Just before the Signature edit box are two checkboxes.  Use Signature for Web Posting and Use Signature for Email Posting.  Check whichever one or ones are applicable.  I suspect for most this will be only for Email Posting.

4. Activate the Save button at the bottom of the page.

This will append what you've entered as your group signature only to messages coming to the specific group you've created it for.  You can have a different group signature for each and every group you have subscribed to, if you so desire, but each must be done separately, on your Subscription page for that group.


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