Notice: to use NVDA on Windows 10 on ARM, please use version 2017.4 or later #nvdasr #ADVISORY


Hi all,


Mostly for NVDA users but also something to think about for everyone:


In late 2016, Microsoft announced a partnership with Qualcomm where Windows 10 will be ported to 64-bit ARM processors. The result is introduction of a new category of computers called “Always Connected PC’s” powered by ARM64 processors from Qualcomm (Snapdragon 835), with first devices unveiled a few days ago. The ARM port of Windows 10 will support traditional x86 programs through an emulation layer.


Note that the ARM port is not Windows 10 RT; you’ll see all sorts of Windows 10 editions on ARM processors just as on x86 processors: S, Home, Pro, Enterprise, Education and others. As such, for Home and higher, you can install both universal apps or desktop programs (the latter via traditional installers or Windows Store). The first ARM64 PC’s will come with Windows 10 S, but you can take advantage of free Windows 10 S to Pro upgrade program.


Advisory for screen readers: at this time, Narrator and NVDA will work on ARM64 computers. To use NVDA on Windows 10 on ARM, you need to use version 2017.4 or later. Narrator comes with Windows 10 on ARM just as on x86 computers. Because of emulation in place, performance of x86 apps on ARM64 processors will be slower than on programs running on actual Intel and AMD processors.