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For those using Window-Eyes, you may find the below information helpful (this also affects those participating in the Windows Insider Program).

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Window-Eyes 9.4 includes numerous stability and performance enhancements for
the web, Microsoft Office, JAVA, upcoming Windows 10 releases, and more! Ai
Squared has been hard at work to improve the responsiveness of Microsoft
Outlook, improve the overall user experience in Microsoft Office, ensuring
JAVA now works in Windows 10, and fixing various issues reported by our
valuable customers. Download Window-Eyes 9.4 to get the best screen reader
experience available!
Read Me
For a complete list of Window-Eyes 9.4 new features, improvements and
changes, please refer to the Window-Eyes 9.4 Read
Download your upgrade
If you have purchased a Window-Eyes 9.2 or higher or have an active Software
Maintenance Agreement (SMA), you can download the upgrade for free at or activate the Check for Updates option in
the Help menu. It will not count against your SMA.
Try Window-Eyes
If you don't currently own Window-Eyes, you can get it for free! For anyone
who has a valid license of Microsoft Office 2010 or higher, Window-Eyes can
be downloaded for free at<>. If you
don't have Office 2010 or newer installed on your PC, you can obtain a free
60-day evaluation of Window-Eyes here: If you haven't tried Window-Eyes
in a while, give Window-Eyes 9.4 a try for free today!
Order your upgrade or SMA today!
Call us today at (802) 362-3612 or email us at<> to place your order.
Non-English versions are released after the English version, so please check
with your local dealer for availability in your language. For those outside
of the U.S., contact your local dealer.
Aaron Smith
Web Development * App Development * Product Support Specialist
Ai Squared * 725 Airport North Office Park, Fort Wayne, IN 46825
260-489-3671 *

To insure that you receive proper support, please include all past
correspondence (where applicable), and any relevant information pertinent to
your situation when submitting a problem report to the Ai Squared Technical
Support Team.

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