Er, hello, this is Version 2004 speaking: welcome to 20H1 preparation phase #WinTen2004


Dear Win10 forum family,


As of this moment, the entire Win10 forum cluster (including Insiders subgroup) has entered Version 2004 preparation phase. This means folks who are using build 19041 (most likely Version 20H1/2004 build) will get a chance to tell you what to expect in the upcoming feature update. The forum won’t switch to actual Version 2004 era until release preview Insiders had a chance to test upcoming feature update (at the moment only slow ring Insiders are testing it; RP Insiders are still using Version 1909, and fast ring Insiders are on their own world/build range). As for when Version 2004 will show up to the public, we don’t know.


Note: Microsoft has revised Windows development schedule. The version that’ll show up to everyone in a few weeks has been finalized in December 2019. For sake of consistency, a 20MM release ID (version label) has been created, but unlike past releases scheduled for first half, the upcoming version is designated “2004” in order to avoid confusion with Windows Server 2003. Also, notice the new hashtag: #WinTen2004 – anything having to do with build 19041/20H1 will be grouped under this new hashtag.