Critical advisory for Narrator and NVDA users: screen readers does not announce notifications in Edge in build 16257 #nvdasr #msftenable #narrator #ADVISORY


Hi all,


The following advisory is rated critical for NVDA and Narrator users using build 16257:


When browsing the web with Microsoft Edge and when you perform an action that causes it to display a notification text, screen readers won’t announce notifications if using build 16257.


Steps to reproduce:


  1. In build 16257, start your screen reader and open Edge.
  2. Press F11 to enter full screen mode.
  3. Navigate to a website where you can download files and try downloading one.


Expected: Screen readers such as NVDA and Narrator announces notifications.

Actual: no announcements whatsoever.

Severity: major.

Reproducible: yes.

Happens on earlier builds: no, the last build with no problems is 16251.


Actions taken:


  • A feedback was logged at:
  • A notice was sent to Insiders subgroup asking for confirmation.