Head list representative throws a welcome party for Microsoft staff and Insiders: celebratory milestone, Insiders subgroup #AdminNotice #msftenable


Dear Win10 family,


First, on behalf of the leadership team and forum cluster members, I’d like to welcome engineers and staff from Microsoft Accessibility team to Win10 Forum for Screen Reader Users. I’m delighted to have all of you onboard as we continue this journey that began in 2014: improving accessibility of Windows 10 ecosystem, devices and universal apps. I consider this a huge, celebratory milestone for this forum cluster.


Ever since this group began in 2014, I have always dreamed about having Microsoft staff onboard this forum cluster. This allows users, assistive tech vendors, third-party developers and many others to talk to folks in charge of driving accessibility at Microsoft, and for MS people to provide useful info for citizens of Windows 10 ecosystem. Now that some staff from the MS accessibility team are here, there is one more puzzle piece to complete before the picture of Windows 10 ecosystem and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) accessibility discussion can emerge. That last puzzle piece – having developers of UWP apps onboard – is something all of us should work on for a while. And as this is a crucial piece – linking users and app writers via accessibility feedback, completing this picture, especially having committed universal app writers join us, listen to feedback from screen reader users, and for them and us to work together and showcase useful apps is something I personally would like to see. Only then the true picture of our forum cluster can emerge: users, Windows Insiders, Microsoft staff, third-party screen reader vendors, developers of universal apps, accessibility observers and many others working together to make Windows 10 ecosystem, devices, and apps universally accessible regardless of screen reader in use, whether its Narrator, NVDA, JAWS for Windows and many others.


Speaking of feedback and Insiders: that is one of the requirements of being a Windows Insider. Windows 10 is a feedback-driven ecosystem, thus having willingness to provide feedback should be one of the reasons why people install Insider Preview builds. Anyone can install new operating systems; but providing feedback is another duty of Insiders, and you should take that duty seriously. And feedback should not be limited to Windows 10 and app that come with it – we should have willingness to provide feedback to third-party universal app vendors in hopes of making their apps accessible and usable by all.


If you do have willingness to provide feedback, especially for new Windows 10 releases, send an email to (for those outside this forum cluster, you should first subscribe to this forum, then join the Insiders subgroup).


Thank you.




Joseph S. Lee

Head list representative/owner, Win10 Forum for Screen Reader Users (

Student (communication), California State University, Los Angeles

Windows Insider (October 2014 to present)

Translator, code contributor and community add-on writer and reviewer, NonVisual Desktop Access screen reader project (