Important, please read: Window-Eyes: lights out will be in effect in September 2017 #AdminNotice #wineyes


Ladies and gentlemen,


For reference: this is mostly for whoever will be doing these announcements:


Dear citizens of Windows 10 and Window-Eyes ecosystems:


On May 15, 2017, VFO announced end of sales for Window-Eyes, and few days later Microsoft announced end of support for Office-backed Window-Eyes version in June 2017. As a response to these announcements, the Win10 Forum for Screen Reader Users leadership team would like to announce that, effective September 2017, Window-Eyes will enter lights out phase, with advisories and compatibility notices ceasing in March 2018 on this forum cluster.


In many circles, the term “lights out” signals going dark, or in some cases, managing something without needing people to be present at all times. For the Win10 forum cluster, it means gradual decrease in official communication, mostly dealing with advisories and compatibility notices between Windows 10 releases and a screen reader. During lights out phase, advisories will continue to be sent regarding the old screen reader, and should serve as a time of transition for some people.


The lights out procedure will be as follows:


  1. A company declares end of support for a screen reader.
  2. The leadership team will set the start of the lights out countdown once the next Windows 10 version is released. This will be the last time official communication on upgrade compatibility will be sent out.
  3. At the end of the lights out era, official communication regarding the unsupported screen reader will cease. People are more than welcome to discuss the old screen reader if the need arises.
  4. If hashtags are defined for a screen reader, at the end of lights out phase, it’ll be retired.


Thus for Window-Eyes:

  • End of support/sales announcement: May 15, 2017.
  • Lights out begins: September 2017 or once Fall Creators Update is released, whichever happens later. The compatibility notice at that time will be the last time #WinEyes hashtag will be used.
  • End of lights out era: March 2018 or when the first feature update for 2018 is released, whichever happens later. After that, official communication will cease on this forum. The #WinEyes hashtag will be deleted at that point.


A special note for Windows Insiders: official compatibility notices for Insider Preview builds will cease on the day the first build for the next feature update after Fall Creators Update ships. For example, if the first Insider Preview build for Redstone 4 ships (or whichever version will be) in October, that will be the day when official communication on Window-Eyes will cease for Insiders.


Thank you.


Joseph Lee

Head list representative/owner, Win10 Forum for Screen Reader Users