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Win10 Forum policies letter

Monday, 3 April 2017


Dear Win10 forum members,

Welcome to Win10, a central forum for screen reader users of Windows 10 from Microsoft. My name is Joseph Lee, the current head list representative for Win10 mailing list, and on behalf of other Win10 members, I would like to welcome you to the world of Windows 10 and to our forum.

As you take flight on Win10, please make sure to go over our forum guidelines, list addresses, procedures and membership contract.

List addresses:

  • Post a message:
  • Subscription:
  • Leaving the list:
  • General help on list options:
  • Contacting forum leadership team:

Our list website is at: https//

Forum organization and focus groups

As Windows 10 ecosystem is vast with many feature sets and used for various purposes, our Win10 forum maintains a number of subgroups (hereby termed "focus groups"). Each focus group is geared towards topics related to a specific area of Windows 10 ecosystem, such as Windows Insider program and others, overseen by a focus group chair and open to members of Win10 list to join.

Below is a list of currently active focus groups:

  • Windows Insiders: A focus group for members of Windows Insider program, covering build announcements, screen reader accessibility and so on. Visit for more information.
  • List Matters and administration: This subgroup is dedicated to discussion of list policies and overall direction of the list. Visit for more information.
  • Mobile (aka Lumivia): This subgroup is dedicated to discussing Windows 10 Mobile and devices powered by it. Visit for more information.

Accessing the web interface

Win10 forum is more than a collection of mailing lists. It includes features you can access via a web browser, including ability to change your subscription options, view forum archive, read articles on forum wiki and more.

Below is a list of web services you can access:

Tip When searching for a specific topic, use the search button located at the topics page. Once a dialog opens, type what you are looking for and press ENTER. A list of topics that matches your search criteria will be shown. As always, you can also search the Internet via Google, Bing and others to look for information that may or may not have been discussed in our forum.


To help people locate topics easily, a number of hashtags (text starting with number (#) sign) are used for subjects of certain messages. Some of the most common hashtags include #KBAlert for announcements on cumulative updates, #AdminNotice for announcements from the leadership team, and #WinTenYYMM to denote specific Windows 10 releases (e.g. #WinTen1607 for Anniversary Update).

List guidelines and membership contract

As a member of the Win10 forum and its subgroups, you agree to:

  1. Be professional, courteous, kind and respectful towards members.
  2. Post Windows 10 topics, including feature overviews, screen reader compatibility, questions and answers on apps and so on.
  3. Not post your Windows 10 product key, cracked software and licenses, Microsoft Account details and illegal software.
  4. Abide by guidelines set for the list and its subgroups.


  • If you have to talk to a member privately, please send a direct message (offlist) to the member in question. You can do this via email or use reply to sender link found on the forum’s web interface or the link at the end of each message.
  • If you’d like to turn off a thread, use Mute this thread link provided at the end of each message.
  • If you need to report a member who you think is breaching the membership contract or guidelines, please send a message to and be prepared to present your case in the arbitration hearing.
  • If you have comments, suggestions or concerns regarding list policies and administration, please send an email to

Membership Contract: By joining the Win10 list, you certify that you agree to abide by list guidelines. In turn, the leadership team will abide by leadership guidelines and contract, which includes being respectful, courteous and professional to you and serve you and other Win10 forum members.

Once again, welcome to Win10, and we look forward to answering your queries and learning from your expertise.

Sincerely, Win10 Leadership Team