Tutorials: An audio update on Creators Update with build 15042 #narrator #WinTenOld


Hi all,


For those curious about what Creators Update sounds like, I have put together another tutorial, this time based on build 15042 (latest Windows Insider build). Notice that I used the term “another”, as I also produced a tutorial on Creators Update with build 14965. Both can be found at:


For individual builds:


Topics covered include:


  • Creators Update development updates.
  • Microsoft Edge and other interesting universal apps.
  • Settings (Windows+I) changes.
  • Narrator features.


In 15042 podcast:


  • Sneak preview of what’s new in Microsoft Edge.
  • Mentioned ability to read Epub books and a new Windows Store tab for books.
  • Narrator and braille output.
  • Settings app changes including a tour of two new categories (Apps and Gaming).
  • Cortana listening mode command change (Windows+C in Creators Update).
  • Windows Defender Security Center.
  • Other minor topics.


Enjoy the new podcast.