Windows 10 Calendar, accounts, and google

David Mehler


I'm using win10 and trying to get calendar going. I'm wanting to set
it up with my existing gmail account so that I can have access to the
calendar on any device connected to said account.

I go in to settings windows+i select accounts, select email and app
accounts, and select add. I then choose google and I get stuck in a
"host window" at least that's what both jaws and NVDA says. I am never
asked for login credentials and eventually I'm told the internet
connection has failed, this is after a significant freeeze. The
internet has not failed as I am browsing web sites as this process is
going on and never loose wireless signal.

Any suggestions?




          What you describe is, indeed, very peculiar.  I'd suggest taking a look at, Using SFC (System File Checker) and DISM (Deployment Imaging Servicing and Management) to Repair Windows 8 & 10

           If that doesn't end up fixing your issue then report back.  Also be aware, unless something has changed that I've either forgotten or never known, that Calendar sync from the Calendar is only one-way:  from Gmail to Calendar App.   I set up a new appointment in the Calendar App using the Gmail calendar as the target calendar about 30 minutes ago and it has not shown up in the web-based Gmail calendar, so my memory appears to be correct.  That's why I don't use the Win10 Calendar App.



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