Welcome to Windows 10 Version 1909 preparation phase, short explanation on what's up with preview builds #WinTen1909


Dear Win10 Forum family,


Did anyone notice a brand new hashtag? Effective today (specifically, midnight Pacific), this forum cluster will enter Windows 10 Version 1909 preparation phase. This is the milestone on our road toward Version 1909 era (later this year).


In addition, here’s what’s going on with preview builds for Version 1909 (formerly 19H2):


A select group of Windows Insiders are testing potential features from version 1909. This includes a number of slow ring Insiders, as well as one-tenth of release preview Insiders. These Insiders are testing features such as muting notification sound, using voice assistants other than Cortana from the lock screen and more. Because of the way these features are delivered, they might not show up on day one for everyone, although I expect that can change without notice.


At the moment the build number is 18363. This is subject to change as Version 1909 release nears.