Important announcements from head list representative: Version 1903 era, new Chromium Edge hashtag, dissolution of listmatters subgroup #AdminNotice #branchprogression #WinTenOld


Hi everyone,


Few important announcements from the head list representative:


First, the new Version 1903 era has dawned. Effective midnight Pacific Daylight Time, this forum will switch to Version 1903 era. This means majority of instructions will be based on May 2019 Update (hence the branch progression hashtag).


This time, it is a bit different. Windows Insiders on release preview will be using build 18362 for several weeks to validate that what you’ll meet later this year is stable (more stable than last time). This is the reason why I noted that majority of instructions will be based on 1903, not all of them.


Related to era switching:


  • The final KB alert for Version 1709 (Fall Creators Update) will be sent out tomorrow, as it is exiting mainstream support.
  • Cumulative update countdown for Version 1809 is scheduled to begin on May 14, 2019, not tomorrow (we always start this 60-day countdown when the build is released to the public, not when it comes to release preview ring). The last regular cumulative update announcement for October 2018 Update will be sent on July 9, 2019.


Second, also effective midnight Pacific Daylight Time, Listmatters subgroup will be closed as a follow-up to a vote from last week.


Lastly, now that Chromium-based Edge is undergoing testing, please use a hashtag when discussing it. The tag to be used is #ChromiumEdge.


Thank you.