Proposal: dissolve listmatters subgroup? #proposal


Hi everyone,


A bit of an intro to what we’re about to do: unlike many forums, policies on Win10 Forum are not set by moderators alone – the leadership team do invite participants to propose changes, which then is debated and voted upon by the entire membership.


Proposal: should listmatters subgroup be dissolved (closed)?


Rationale: in the early days of this forum cluster (2015), a subgroup named “listmatters” was created to allow members of that subgroup to discuss overall running of Win10 forum cluster in a public venue. Since then, the nature of that subgroup has changed somewhat to serve as an announcement board for policy changes, Windows 10 era changes and so on.


Given that there is already a mechanism for members to suggest policy changes and give comments on overall direction and management of the list via emailing the owner address, coupled with change of times, it is proposed to close the listmatters subgroup. The current listmatters subgroup can be found at:


The implications of closing listmatters subgroup are:

  1. Users can just email the leadership team to discuss policies and management, which will then be voted by the membership through the usual proposal process (anyone, including members, are more than welcome to submit proposals for consideration, with the leadership taking a look at the proposal beforehand for providing suggestions and comments).
  2. Changing the wording of various list documentation (including guidelines and welcome email) to state that listmatters subgroup is no more (or not mention it at all).


If the proposal is adopted:


  1. A 72 hour freeze period will be imposed on listmatters subgroup so members can take appropriate action.
  2. Listmatters subgroup will be closed once the 72 hour freeze period ends.
  3. Due to internal nature of listmatters subgroup, message archive will not be merged into this forum (this can change).



  1. While this proposal is being debated and being voted upon, no new subscriptions to listmatters subgroup will be allowed.
  2. Feel free to debate this proposal on the list (please keep the tone civil).
  3. To cast votes, send an email to Votes cast as a reply to emails on this forum will not count, nor change of heart before the vote closes.
  4. Debating and voting will end on April 3, 2019 at 12 PM Pacific (19:00 UTC).
  5. Passage threshold is two-thirds (that is, two-thirds of folks voting on this proposal must say “yes” before it can be adopted).
  6. As the vote counter and executor of this proposal, I (head list representative) will not vote nor participate in debate to maintain impartiality.


Thank you.