Head list representative has one simple message regarding sounds: an issue with one computer is not a global problem unless duplicated by all #AdminNotice


Dear Win10 forum family,


After reading messages regarding startup and shutdown sounds, and upon advice from leadership people, I decided to send this letter in hopes of clearing some misconceptions and issues surrounding this topic. Also, I’ll be locking the threads in question very soon.


First, about generalizations: all I can say is that just because one person is experiencing this does not mean everyone is experiencing it; in other words, a problem experienced by one user isn’t a global problem unless duplicated by all. Nor I think it is okay to label an isolated incident as proof of missing features; think about it for a second: if someone experiences this and labels this as a missing feature, yet others say they cannot reproduce this, what will others say? In summary, I think it won’t be appropriate to generalize just because you are having problems.


Second, regarding startup sound modification hacks: the startup sound is part of a resource DLL (a library that only contains data), thus it cannot be changed; if you tried, it may come back in the future. Thus, the way to restore this is turning off fast startup.


Third, regarding inability to hear startup sound: based on messages in that thread, I think it may have to do with sound card driver. I myself experienced this while wearing a USB wireless headset, and switching to onboard sound card fixed it. If everyone using certain hardware were affected, then there will be an uproar not only on this forum, but in other places as well (Realtech driver problem, for example). In order to help Rosemarie, we need to find out her sound configuration, not advising her as to how to change startup sound (see above).


Lastly, regarding shutdown sound: I think I or someone said the following a few months ago when this was brought up: shutdown sound is just an earcon (ear + icon). The “real” signal of your computer turning off is when the fan stops spinning and power is turned off to the power supply. I think part of the reason for not playing shutdown sound was to imitate mobile computing on some smartphone operating systems, but I do understand the need for this earcon; but don’t trust the shutdown sound as a definitive confirmation that your computer is shutting down – there are ways to prevent that from happening, including an app that’s so busy that it prompts Windows to show “blocked shutdown” dialog.


Hope this helps.