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Hi. was wondering, how does Microsoft decide when to roll out the latest windows updates, like in certain regions. Or have they pulled the current anniversary update. Been over two weeks and still have not got it in Australia. Afrid to use the upgrade wizard, and so trying to be patient, keep checking for updates. So, how do they decide which machine, and is my machine back at the back of the que, because it is 2 years old. Just frustrating. Wish Microsoft would explain, why, or maybe other members, are having the same issue. Don’t want to lose my audio, if try to force it, tried that couple of weeks ago, and went to the learn now windows 10 update history with jaws, click on the anniversary button for august 9, but nothing happens, might try nvda, see if that makes any difference. Just frustrated. Want the update, want it to go smoothly. Or will I be waiting another week, which will be three weeks, this is stupid, or some thing I have done wrong. So not going to use the upgrade wizard. And don’t be snarky, or any abnoxious commnets, not bull, but want the truth simple and plain. Any one having the same issues. Just waiting but no idea, have tried googling, and trawled through about 50 or more pages, but could not seem to find any definite info about the roll out, maybe you would like to e-mail me privately, if this topic is off topic.