Head list representative would like to welcome you to Windows 10 RS5 preparation phase #AdminNotice #WinTenOld


Dear Win10 Forum family,


On behalf of forum leadership and Windows Insiders, I would like to welcome you all to RS5 preparation phase. The purpose of this transition is to let you all explore what’s new and different in the next feature update to Windows 10, scheduled to land later in 2018. Also, a provisional hashtag (#WinTen1809) is now live so folks can discuss things to come via this hashtag; this hashtag may become the official one for the next update if it turns out RS5 will be called Version 1809.


Unlike most past prep phase declarations, this one is unique in that many of you know what’s coming. New Narrator keyboard layout is not the only big thing you’ll see with the next feature update. There are many changes here and there, including reorganized Microsoft Edge menu and settings, Your Phone, Notepad improvements, cloud clipboard, dark theme in File Explorer and many others, some of which you may have heard about in the last few weeks.


Another unique thing about RS5 prep phase declaration is that this is just the beginning of what’s coming with Narrator and other assistive technology products that support Windows 10 ecosystem (bigger than Version 1703). Every year, there’s at least one thing introduced that impacts screen reader users – ability to perform clean Windows installs with Narrator starting with Version 1703 (early 2017), and Narrator changes coming later in 2018, the latter already having an impact in screen reading world. I expect this trend to continue for the foreseeable future, and in case of Win10 Forum for screen Reader Users, the trend where you know things to come prior to entering prep phase will continue for a while.


So what’s next? Sometime in September, I expect screen reader vendors to start issuing advisories for Windows 10 RS5. We already know what’s coming with Narrator (from posts from Microsoft people), and I expect VFO, NV Access, Dolphin and others to start issuing advisories for users of their products. A general screen reader compatibility notice will be distributed throughout this forum cluster around September 15th. after that, once the final RS5 build is confirmed and Windows Insiders on release preview ring receives this build, we will officially enter Redstone 5 era (no more critical periods at all)) where instructions and focus of cumulative updates will be based on RS5.


Until then, feel free to discuss what’s coming with the next feature update and learn more about what’s new, changed, fixed, and made accessible/inaccessible. Note that this forum cluster is still in Version 1803 (Redstone 4) era. Thank you.