Critical period question: to be reformed #AdminNotice


Hi all,


First, I would like to welcome new family members to this forum cluster (some are old faces, too).


Second, the head list representative would like to announce that, starting with Redstone 5 release, critical period will be reformed. The upcoming changes (based on latest feedback from membership) include:


  • No more topic suspension: in the old days, topics were suspended for up to 72 hours so folks can pay more attention to last-minute screen reader advisories and to let folks learn more about what’s coming up in the latest feature update. Since then, our attitudes have changed somewhat, thus making this unnecessary. Thus, starting from Redstone 5, topics will not be suspended.
  • Only a notice from now on: what used to be start of critical period will now just be a notice telling you that feature update is now available for targeted deployment, similar in concept to branch progression (from release preview to targeted, and from targeted to broad). Given that Semi-Annual Channel Targetted (SACT) is going away, it makes more sense to send out a notice in one day than do it over days. The new notice will include list of screen readers known to be compatible with the next feature update, last-minute advisories from vendors, as well as things to do prior to, during, and after updates.


Thank you to everyone who provided comments on this proposal.