Small Tip on Playback Speed in Windows Audible App

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I searched the archives for this group and didn’t find this mentioned so thought I’d share a small tip on the Windows Audible app.  Perhaps others already have figured this out but just in case.  If you are using a keyboard, the app gives you some very helpful control down to a pretty fine level on playback speed and has a nice top playback rate of 4X.


A lot of aps will let you adjust speed in increments of .5 or maybe .25 from my experience.  Audible takes this down to increments of .05 with each press of left or right arrow.  The slowest speed you can set is 0.25X and the top rate is again 4X.


If you are playing a book, tab around until you reach the button that gives a number. Most likely this will be 1X by default for the name.  Press enter and even though it isn’t indicated as a slider control, that is what you are on from a keyboard perspective.  Use left and right arrows to adjust and press enter to dismiss.


I think the Audible app has some issues that, depending on your comfort level with nameless buttons and such, can make it tough to use but I do appreciate this level of detail in audio playback speed.


You can find the Audible app in the Windows Store at


Also, at times I prefer to browse apps in the store from the web versus the store app.  You can find top free apps starting at  Windows apps in general, with headings to various categories can be browsed starting at