Head list representative has some words about screen reader announcements #AdminNotice


Hi everyone,


Although the subject says I have a few words about screen reader release announcement threads, it ultimately comes down to showing respect:


Screen reader release announcements are meant to be informative in nature. The whole point of announcements like what you saw a few hours ago regarding JAWS 2018 update is to let folks know what’s happening with the screen reading world and to highlight the work developers are doing to make our Windows 10 experience great. As such, screen reader release announcements should not be treated as a ticket to launching attacks on companies and individuals, or even products, especially name calling and derogatory comments.


Regarding the thread we saw: at one point, I thought about bringing the member in question to the leadership council for some kind of a hearing, but decided against that, seeing that it was based on passion and misinformation. Thankfully, the person who did it later apologized (although indirectly), which settled the issue for now.


As for who has final authority to stop a thread: I believe in community-based interventions and responsible membership. Technically, as the forum cluster owner and head list representative, I do have final authority to stop a thread without notice. But folks who’ve been on this cruise for more than say, two years know my style: preferring to let members settle the matters themselves, and intervene swiftly if the situation threatens the integrity of the entire forum cluster (the latter happens rarely). As for responsible membership, I believe that members (including those involved in disputes) do have power to end a thread with civility.


In case of the initial thread on JAWS update today, I’m glad it didn’t degenerate into more serious personal attacks. Those who read my statements above should now know what to do when disputes arise after someone announces release of a new screen reader update; if you find that you are becoming passionate to a point you need to say “interesting” things, I advise taking a short walk, or perhaps count from one to ten so you can have time to breathe deeply. But if you find that you really need to “say something interesting”, you can do so by either sending an email to yourself or to your head list representative (I hold office hours almost 24 hours a day).


Thank you – no member action is required.