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If your braille display isn't working with your screen reader, try this 4 messages By Shou-Ching Schilling ·
Complete Guide to Narrator 3 messages By Timothy ·
Huge changes coming in Narrator in the next feature update 5 messages By Mário Navarro ·
MSDN blog: changes to Narrator's scan mode in Version 1709 3 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Console fans, you can now use Narrator to read line by line in PowerShell, WSL and other console windows 8 messages By ... ·
to users of VB and other virtualisation software:installation of w10 into virtual machine without sighted assistance seems tobe impossible 5 messages By J.G ·
to users of VB and other virtualisation software: installation of w10 into virtual machine without sighted assistance seems to be impossible 4 messages By ... ·
Critical advisory for Narrator and NVDA users: screen readers does not announce notifications in Edge in build 16257 By Joseph Lee ·
Narrator advisory: as of build 16251, always on scan mode will be limited to Microsoft Edge By Joseph Lee ·
Check-in: how's Narrator Challenge going? 5 messages By Shou-Ching Schilling ·
Important Narrator change (advisory): scan mode will be used by default in Fall Creators Update By Joseph Lee ·
Links list in 5 messages By Devin Prater ·
Twitter app with 2 messages By inamuddin khan ·
First impressions of 8 messages By David Moore ·
Head list representative steps up to the stage (please read): culture change, June 2017 is Narrator and UWP Challenge and feedback month 36 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Attention resident Windows Insiders: skip build 16170 if you need to use Narrator By Joseph Lee ·
Wiki: Windows 10 screen reqaders concepts, commands and feature comparisons By Joseph Lee ·
Tutorials: An audio update on Creators Update with build 15042 By Joseph Lee ·
Advisory (possible security bypass): you can view contents of the clipboard even from the lock screen 3 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Advisory for JAWS users (from Windows Insiders): numerous issues found when running JAWS 18 with latest Creators Update build 17 messages By Shaun Everiss ·
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