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NVDA compatibility advisory: to take advantage of features introduced in Windows 10 RS5, NVDA 2018.3 or later is recommended By Joseph Lee ·
Notice: to use NVDA on Windows 10 on ARM, please use version 2017.4 or later By Joseph Lee ·
Notice: Screen reader advisories and compatibility notices for Fall Creators Update 16 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Critical advisory: do NOT update to Fall Creators Update if you plan to use JAWS 2018 with Edge due to performance problems 12 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Advisory for NVDA users: to use some features from Fall Creators Update, 2017.4 will be required By Joseph Lee ·
Console fans, you can now use Narrator to read line by line in PowerShell, WSL and other console windows 8 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Update on JAWS and Edge: MS and VFO are aware of performance issues in Version 1709 7 messages By Sadam Ahmed ·
Windows 10 upgrade: 'api-ms-win-core-libraryloader-l1-1-1.dll is missing' error when trying to upgrade from Windows 7 to 10 8 messages By tim ·
Important Narrator change (advisory): scan mode will be used by default in Fall Creators Update By Joseph Lee ·
For JAWS users: JAWS announces 'Microsoft Candidate UI" if hardware keyboard input suggestions is turned on while typing text 5 messages By ... ·
Screen reader advisories for Windows 10 Version 1909: same as Version 1903 By Joseph Lee ·
Windows 10 Mail and NVDA: a fix for backspace problem is under way By Joseph Lee ·
Critical advisory for Narrator and NVDA users: screen readers does not announce notifications in Edge in build 16257 By Joseph Lee ·
Narrator advisory: as of build 16251, always on scan mode will be limited to Microsoft Edge By Joseph Lee ·
Version 1709 and beyond: screen readers must support uIA notification event in order to announce various things from apps By Joseph Lee ·
Preliminary screen reader advisories for Version 1803 15 messages By ... ·
Speech advisory for NvDA: Windows OneCore voices sound funny under build 17120 3 messages By Joseph Lee ·
FW: [nvda] Advisory: if upgrading to Windows 10 Version 1803, NVDA 2018.1.1 is required By Joseph Lee ·
For users of VFO products: numerous issues to note for Version 1803 compatibility 2 messages By Joseph Lee ·
For Version 1803+NVDA users: if you need to enter a new product key and you can't enter it, restart NVDA 3 messages By Mário Navarro ·
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