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Head list representative has one simple message regarding sounds: an issue with one computer is not a global problem unless duplicated by all By Joseph Lee ·
Head list representative would like to welcome you to Windows 10 RS5 preparation phase By Joseph Lee ·
Groups.IO GDPR notice By Joseph Lee ·
Musings from head list representative: Windows 10, three years later 5 messages By ... ·
Critical period question: to be reformed By Joseph Lee ·
Head list representative sends an arbitration invitation to parties involved: RE: [win10] addon for Reader view for internet explorer 4 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Head list representative inaugurates two short and sweet aliases for Insiders subgroup: WIP and Winsiders 2 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Head list representative is feeling uncomfortable at the moment: default web browser thread, toxic forum environment, mannerisms (for the umpteenth time) 6 messages By Mário Navarro ·
Head list representative requests list-wide comments about his recent conduct, Chrome extension admin notice is repealed 14 messages By Mário Navarro ·
locked A word on recent happenings: Chrome thread, new Microsoft engineer on board 15 messages By ... ·
Critical period proposal: critical period will remain for now but should be reformed 4 messages By Shaun Everiss ·
IMPORTANT DIRECTIVE: release labels By Joseph Lee ·
Head list representative is on his way: RE: [win10] thoughts on hp laptops with windows 10: 9 messages By Mário Navarro ·
Version 1803 critical period: April 30 to May 2, 2018 8 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Head list representative is vacating the office for the month of April 9 messages By Shaun Everiss ·
Version 1803 critical period begins, all other activities suspended for 72 hours 6 messages By ... ·
Important words on Version 1803: upgrade when prompted, public release delayed 5 messages By Shaun Everiss ·
All passengers: make sure you're ready to meet Windows 10 build 17133 next week 6 messages By Shaun Everiss ·
Welcome to Windows 10 Version 1803 era, please prepare to meet build 17133 17 messages By Chris ·
Head list representative has some words about screen reader announcements By Joseph Lee ·
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