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A "Public Service Announcement" Regarding Windows 10 Feature Updates & How They Work 2 messages By g melconian ·
A huge apology from your head list representative: post moderation fact check failure on one of Shaun Everis' posts 2 messages By ... ·
A reminder from the head list representative: the importance of including Windows 10 version information in posts, subject line and content match By Joseph Lee ·
Notice from the head list representative: do NOT respond to supposed "mask salesperson" - it's a spam 3 messages By ... ·
Groups.io: Managing your group subscription and e-mailing options 2 messages By Brian Vogel ·
locked Mosen Consulting Announcement: My Audiobook about Zoom Cloud Meetings is now free By Brian Vogel ·
locked Notice from head list representative: Coronavirus and your health By Joseph Lee ·
Intentional Topic Splitting - Please don't do this By Brian Vogel ·
Notice from head list representative: do not share copyrighted material if you do not have permission to distribute it By Joseph Lee ·
Your head list representative needs help: thread hijacking, no more confusion with names, administrative responses will be delayed somewhat By Joseph Lee ·
Clarifications from head list representative: Windows 7 end of life, updates to Windows itself versus security intelligence updates By Joseph Lee ·
Notice from head list representative: staying alert this week due to many changes at once, actions on a member 6 messages By ... ·
Please welcome Austin Pinto as new chair of Windows Insiders subgroup By Joseph Lee ·
2019 State of the Win10 Forum: on the eve of arrivals and departures 2 messages By Richard B. McDonald ·
A few notices from head list representative: build announcements are informational only, few important dates and events in the next few months 2 messages By Shaun Everiss ·
Knock knock, this is Windows 10 Version 1909 era By Joseph Lee ·
locked Head list representative reminds you: reformatting a system is not, and should not be the first step for solving anything 16 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Insiders subgroup: Austin Pinto will succeed me as subgroup chair/owner By Joseph Lee ·
locked Insiders subgroup: 2019 chair election By Joseph Lee ·
Letter from the head list representative: getting ready to hand over the baton to the next leader in 2020 7 messages By inamuddin khan ·
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