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Introducing the "real" crew of this cruise... 2 messages By ... ·
Arbitration results for anniversary Update thread and subsequent development: words have power 2 messages By ... ·
Win10 Forum Congress: August 27th at 20:00 UTC, NVDA Korea TechTalk Server By Joseph Lee ·
Statement from head list representative: Scott VanDeWal leaves moderator team By Joseph Lee ·
YouTube thread arbitration results: stresses, warnings, no bans, thread itself closed 2 messages By ... ·
Head list representative's letter: better to unite when faced with an important event/crisis 10 messages By derek riemer ·
Head List Representative's announcement: mannerisms do matter, MCT thread locked until further notice By Joseph Lee ·
Announcement from head list representative: changes to the forum and web interface prior to Anniversary Update, RTM announcement location By Joseph Lee ·
Important notice: welcome message edits, about to activate periodic reminders 2 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Head list representative's letter: watching and giving silent advice is another form of contribution, diverse cultures and upbringing, thread on searching archives suspended until further notice 6 messages By ... ·
Groups.IO maintenance: June 17th at 9 PM Pacific (18th at midnight Eastern, 04:00 UTC) 3 messages By ... ·
Upgrade delay/prevention tool topic proposal: hereby adopted, a few things to note regarding this subject By Joseph Lee ·
Head list representative's announcement: Let Windows 10 Anniversary Update discussion commence! 3 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Head list representative's letter: Welcome to Summer/Winter of Change - making this forum and subgroups more open, Anniversary Update preparation, subgroup management, Win10 Forum Congress By Joseph Lee ·
Windows 10 Mobile subgroup subscription By Joseph Lee ·
Important announcement: Freelists version of Win10 forum (nvda-winten) closed 2 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Important notice from head list representative: subdomain-based email addresses are now used 7 messages By Brian Vogel ·
Important: head list representative apologizes for a crucial mistake, moderation flag decision fully reversed By Joseph Lee ·
Address from the head list representative: Come, let us reason with proper product and company names By Joseph Lee ·
Head list representative's warning (thread closed): Magic Large Print keyboard from Freaky Science Fiction: What a joke! By Joseph Lee ·
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