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          I kept at this well past when this all started in June, but still have to report that I have found no native way to force Windows 10 to play a shutdown sound.  That being said, someone on has proposed a fairly straightforward work-around in the form of creating a three-line batch script that you create a shortcut for, and invoke that to shut down your computer rather than using the Power button on the start menu.  The original post on can be found here.   I am also copying the text directly below:


A little late perhaps for this topic, but I too like a shutdown sound when exiting windows.  I have managed (with this topic and a little other help) to make a batch file that will play a wav. file, then pause for a set number of seconds (depends on what your music etc, is) and then shutdown.


start elvis.wav

timeout /T 4
%windir%\System32\shutdown.exe /s /t 0
My wav. file is 'elvis has left the buiding' with a 4 second timeout otherwise the shutdown is too quick.  You may have to specify the wav. file location but I didn't, it is just in 'my documents'.
Having saved the batch file you then create a new desktop shortcut for it which requires a double click and shutdown occurs.
Hope this helps.


If you really want to have a shutdown sound played, followed shortly afterward by the system shutdown process, this is your best bet at the moment.  You would create your batch file using Notepad and you save it with a .bat extension, not a .txt extension.  Once you've done that, you cannot edit the file simply by double-clicking on it/activating it as this will run the file and shut down your computer.  If you need to tweak it after you have it saved as a .bat file gain focus on the .bat then use either the Applications/Menu key or Shift+F10 to bring up the context menu and choose "Edit" from the options that show up.  This opens it again in notepad for tweaking.

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