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John Wilson <j.wilson07@...>

Hello Brian,

I have  just tried this and get the expected "must be an administrator" message. However, I can find no place (using NVDA) to check a checkbox to permit this. How/where do you do this?

Additionally, would it not be just as good to run the disk checker from within windows?


On 21/06/2016 16:27, Brian Vogel wrote:

I wanted to bump this because, for Windows 7 users in particular (but it applies to Windows 8/8.1, too), it is a very good idea to run the System File Checker command before you take your backup and before you attempt your upgrade to Windows 10.

See the attached files for details.  The first deals only with how to run SFC and/or DISM.  The second is an updated version of my guide on how to safely upgrade to Windows 10 that now includes this information as step one, even before doing a full system backup.

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