Certain keyboards seeming to ignore, or block certain keystroke combinations

Jacob Kruger

This is something have noticed with a couple of different USB keyboards, under a couple of different instances of windows 10 installations, and, while initially thought might have to do with the one laptop's USB sockets, I have just started working with a brand new desktop PC, and, am picking up the same behaviour trying two different USB keyboards with it, so, just wondering if could relate to some or other keyboard or language setting under windows 10 itself.

On that note, I have all windows language options set to English US, and, the keyboard input language is also set to English US, and, the one problem keystroke, for example, is the one used to bring up NVDA synthesizer selection dialogue - NVDA + Ctrl + S - if I use the numpad insert key as NVDA key, along with right ctrl key, plus letter S, in help mode it's just announcing NVDA + ctrl, whereas if I use the left ctrl key, it tells me that all three keys are being taken note of, and, if I use caps lock as NVDA key, along with right ctrl key + S, it also works fine, so, the issue is literally that using right ctrl key with more than one other keystroke could be causing issues?

Anyway, just wondering if this rings bells for anyone else, and, while not the end of the world, do you maybe have suggestions relating to what could look into to correct what's purely a minor irritation since am used to using multiple computers, and would prefer them to all behave more or less the same?

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