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Hi all,

Briefly unlocking this thread to post nimer's answers to interview questions, similar to a post from Kenny so oflks can compare candidates.Hello,

  1. How long have you been using Windows 10?

I have been using Windows 10 since the beginning of Windows 10. I am an early adopter and upgrade early and often to provide feedback, but also to be updated so that I can provide students with the best possible training.

  1. How do you feel about the current trends in Windows 10 in regards to screen reader use, namely Sun Valley, cloud features, and apps?

I don't know much about Sunvalley, but am awaiting Microsoft to tell us more soon. I am guessing that it will not be called Windows 11 though. As for trends, Microsoft is investing quite a bit to make their products and apps accessible, but there is still alot of work for Microsoft and screen reader developers to do to make sure that accessibility does not slip, and that usability is considered for everyone. Many screen reader users avoid cloud features and apps. This may be because they are not discoverable for anyone who does things the same way they have been used do. Nonetheless, I believe that cloud features and apps are becoming more vital, particularly cloud features, and feel that users must be fed bits and provided with material to learn to make the most use out of Windows and its features. Even trainers aren't comfortable with these features and changes, and do not tend to teach these things, though the issue, it seems to me, is less that of accessibility and more of a fear of the unknown.

  1. Which method would you use to advocate for accessibility and change in Windows 10 ecosystem, and how would you motivate hundreds of people to advocate for themselves?

If changes need to be made, I would get feedback from users to determine what the changes should be, and whether there is any consensus on those changes. I would approach the vendor that needs to make that change. I would ask individuals to upvote feedback in the feedback hub. I would approach NVAccess or VFO in respect of screen reader changes. In respect of motivation, there is not a motivation pill, unfortunately. As a trainer, I've been looking and spend lots of time in the drugstores trying to find that pill. The best motivation is to ask those who do use certain features to discuss those, to provide tutorials as able, and hopefully, individuals can be lead to motivation or change through observing others' experiences. If those experiences are positive, those individuals may be more likely to be motivated and change. If there is little reason for motivation, and what a user is doing works for them, then no matter what I say or do not say, they will not be motivated. I believe that, as a list owner, it is my responsibility to foster that environment where individuals can discuss their successes, they can provide links to tutorials, etc., and individuals who struggle can discuss those struggles in a positive way, and at the end of the day, this model works because nobody is forced to change, they are not forced to be motivated, they are lead to that by their own curiosity, by their own desires and needs.

  1. If you are a Windows Insider, how would you explain upcoming changes to those not using Insider Preview builds?

I believe the current system of letting individuals know what is new when the final insider build is released is a good idea. It is good to provide a digestable summary of changes, and to allow other insiders to discuss their perspectives on those changes. I also believe it is important to highlight any major immpact to users as a result of bugs or features not working correctly.

  1. Are you willing to maintain working relationships with Microsoft staff, screen reader vendors, and app developers?

Absolutely, and believe that the community is better for those connections. The community thrives when developers and users alike have a safe space to learn from one another.

  1. Most importantly, are you willing to take responsibility for your decisions and become a public face representing a group of Windows 10 and screen reader users, both within the screen reader user community and elsewhere? I take responsibility for any decision I make, good or bad, no matter what I do, whether I am an owner of a particular forum or not. So yes, I am willing to take such responsibility, and knowing the amount of work you have dedicated to the Win10 list, I do not take that lightly. However, if there is a candidate that is better qualified or an individual you believe represents this community better, they would be a better fit. I volunteer for this role in the absense of anyone else qualified or able to take this on, as I believe it is important to have a seamless transition of power.

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