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Sarah k Alawami

Isn’t there a key stroke to do that? I forget now. I know that narrator plus equals and dash  are for the speed. But I thought there was a key for volume as well. Maybe I’m confused. I use a lot of screen reading software’s.


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Try pressing, Windows key, Control + N, to access Narrator settings, and tab to find the volume plus many more Narrator settings.



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Hi Madison To lower the volume in narrator tab to the voice section in
narrator, and you should hear a volume slider with the percentage,use the
down arrow key to pick the percentage you would want the volume at.
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Kenny Peyatt jr.

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Subject: [win10] Narrator volume question

Hi all,
My dad asked me to help him with something on my parents' computer so I
turned on Narrator, but for some reason the volume was very loud. Can
someone please tell me how to lower the volume of Narrator? Thanks Madison

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