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The easiest way to exgract a zip file and to save its content to any location is to go to your Downloads folder, put focus on the zip file and then bring up your context menu with the application key if you have one or Shift + F10. Now arrow down to "Extract All" and explore that dialogue, it let's you specify the path to where you want the files to be extracted to, by default the folder will be the name of the zip file, but you can also change that last portion of the path to whatever you want and that folder will be created. You can then also specify (it's a checkbox) if you want that folder to open after the extraction or not.

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Using the brave browser, how does one not only download zip archives to c:\users\yourname\downloads but extract the contents in to c:\users\yourname?

I've been using windows10, actually windows period, for 2-and-1-half years and you may wonder what I have been doing before but I don't install zip files every day and keep meaning to ask 2 questions:

1. How do you get brave to not only put the archive in Downloads but extract to a subdirectory in c:\users\yourname?

Being a unix user, I have had brave drop the file in downloads and then I used power shell to expand-archive Downloads\ . For those who aren't in to command-lines, that dot or period separated by a space says to extract the contents starting here which means whatever directory you are in now. You could have typed

expand-archive downloads\ c:\users\yourname

and it would mean the same thing if you wanted to put it in your directory.

I've got to download and expand 2 archives today so I figured I'd learn to do it the most efficient way.

The other question is a more general one. When running whatever browser one is using right now, is there a key sequence that takes you to operating instructions and then lets you go back to whatever you were doing before you needed the instructions?

I've actually gotten kind of hesitant to stray off the path because sometimes, you end up in the mercenary spider web of shopping carts that pop up and what I call Microsoft flies that light on you and try to sell you Office365 or some other expensive software because you stumbled in to a word document or a CSV file and the vending gods smell a commercial opportunity.
Alt+F4 is my fly-swatter when that happens.

In case anyone wonders, I have been doing unix things since 1989 and love it but got in to Windows10 because there are some applications for programming two-way radios that only exist in Windows. Also, nvda is the first free-of-charge screen reader for Windows and Windows has grown up a lot so I mostly like it also.


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