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Hi all,

And with that, this thread is locked (condition met). Please send your comments about these two candidates to win10+owner@win10.groups.io by June 15, 2021. In the meantime I’ll be interviewing Nimer and Kenny, and hope to make a decision later this month. Thanks.




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Dear Joseph, Win10 users, insiders, developers, Microsoft staff, and anyone else reading this message:


I first wish to thank Joseph Lee for his efforts and work on the Win10 list for the past many years of service. I think everyone will agree when I say, your hard work and effort in cultivating this community and bringing everyone together under one banner is incredible. You lead this forum with professionalism, cheer, passion, and so many more words I cannot begin to express. Thank you, sincerely, for your efforts and contributions. I am aware that it was not always easy, and yet, you have represented this community well.


My name is Nimer. I am a passionate technologist, and have been working in the space for over ten years. Technology has always been both a hobby and a profession. I am going to tell you a little bit about my experience and vision for this forum, but I must say that I am not Joseph, I cannot be Joseph, and believe that any individual succeeding him will have a very hard act to follow.


As a technology trainer, I was tasked with teaching a vast array of technologies and screen readers on all manner of operating systems, as well as many hardware devices that continue to be used by the community. I love, and have always enjoyed getting new tech toys, playing with them, figuring out how they work, and transferring that knowledge along to others. Empowering others through the use of technology is what I aspire to do, and it is that love of technology, that passion, and that skill of being a technology trainer that I will bring to this list.


I understand list management through groups.io. I own the official NVDA user forum, and have either owned or moderated a number of other lists, and many of you know that I participate on quite a number of forums. While I am not the most active contributer, I look through messages and pick the ones I respond to, the ones I know I can answer well, and the ones which others have not already answered. I moderate forums mostly by letting them run themselves, only stepping in in emergency situations, such as topics that stray off-topic for many messages, or in issues of member abuse, etc. I may also step in to provide a bit of guidance and direction to the forum as needed, but my style is to be seen mostly as a member, except in situations which require intervention.


In addition, I am originally from Israel. I understand the need for cultural diversity, and also understand that each of us come from different places, have different backgrounds, different needs, different learning styles, etc. We are all here, however, under the banner of Windows 10, and around Windows 10, we will remain united.


The future of this list is, or will be shortly after sending this message, in your hands, and in the hands of Joseph. For that reason, I believe that you all should know about my views on the direction of this forum.

1. I do not view mailing lists or forums as democracies, however I strongly value all opinions, and always invite discussion from any member who desires a platform to be heard.

2. I believe that forum netiquette is important, particularly with a forum that is mixed, containing both developers and users alike, of all manner of skill level.

3. I believe in the respect and dignity of each person, and believe that any dialog should take place with courtesy and respect, even if disagreeing.

4. I will do what I can to make sure that the forum for insiders remains active.

5. I will communicate with Microsoft and other partners and screen reader manufacturers as needed to work to enhance accessibilyt, and to be sure that issues raised by this forum are brought to light, though I would also urge anyone else to do their part and report issues as well.

6. I will rely on you, the members, and current moderators, to do your part and help maintain the smooth running of this community as well. In the event that I need to be absent, I will delegate my duties to be sure that the forum remains running smoothly. I am a volunteer, I have a job, and other responsibilities as well, and cannot possibly look through everything sent in five minutes. 


While I cannot promise that we will agree on every issue, your voice is welcome. Your comments are welcome. Your opinions are valued. I urge you to reach out to me with any questions you may have, about Windows 10 or otherwise, to nimerjaber1@..., and I will do my best to respond to you promptly. Should you have views on which candidate is best to head this forum, please send those to the owner address as directed by Joseph.


Thank you for taking the time to read this message. Should I be appointed, I look forward to getting to know and connect with you.


--- Best,


Nimer Jaber



On Wed, Jun 9, 2021 at 2:19 PM Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> wrote:

Hello Win10 Forum family,

IMPORTANT: this thread will be locked once conditions are met.

I’m delighted to introduce two candidates to succeed me as Win10 Forum for Screen Reader Users head list representative/owner, effective a week after the next feature update is released (as early as this fall). They are:

  • Nimer Jaber
  • Kenny Peyatt, Jr

Both are founding members of this forum (joined in October 2015, or rather, they have been part of the original Win10 forum hosted on Freelists back in 2015) and contributed to this forum in one way or another. You may remember posts from these candidates over the years.

Candidates, if you could, please introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about your vision for this forum. After that, this thread will be locked and I will start the interview process. After the candidates introduce themselves, feel free to talk to them directly, or if you have comments, send them to win10+owner@win10.groups.io. I hope to make a decision later this month based on interview results and your comments, and once the successor is chosen, I will start the transition process in July.

Thank you.






Nimer Jaber

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