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Gerardo Corripio

My vote goes to Kenny as well. Good luck!

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You have my vote. 


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Hi my name is kenny peyatt jr. And I look forward being the next representative for the win10 list.

  1. How long have you been using Windows 10? I have been using windows 10 since July of 2015.
  2. How do you feel about the current trends in Windows 10 in regards to screen reader use, namely Sun Valley, cloud features, and apps? I feel that the trends in windows 10 are great. Apps are getting more accessible. And more apps that we know and love are being added to the Microsoft store.
  3. Which method would you use to advocate for accessibility and change in Windows 10 ecosystem, and how would you motivate hundreds of people to advocate for themselves? The method I would use would to use the feedback hub that is a good place to leave feedback regarding accessibility in windows 10. I would also incourage users to reach out to venders of screen readers and Microsoft staff that are on this list.
  4. If you are a Windows Insider, how would you explain upcoming changes to those not using Insider Preview builds? I would make podcasts of the new features, and If I see issues that are listed in the insider flight announcements, I would incourage users to stay in the release preview if they are in the release preview and wait for the update to come to that channel.
  5. Are you willing to maintain working relationships with Microsoft staff, screen reader vendors, and app developers? Yes, I am willing to maintain working relationships with other screen reader vendors as well as Microsoft staff.

Most importantly, are you willing to take responsibility for your decisions and become a public face representing a group of Windows 10 and screen reader users, both within the screen reader user community and elsewhere? Yes.


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Subject: [Special] [win10] Win10 Forum head list representative/next owner: meet the candidates #AdminNotice


Hello Win10 Forum family,

IMPORTANT: this thread will be locked once conditions are met.

I’m delighted to introduce two candidates to succeed me as Win10 Forum for Screen Reader Users head list representative/owner, effective a week after the next feature update is released (as early as this fall). They are:

  • Nimer Jaber
  • Kenny Peyatt, Jr

Both are founding members of this forum (joined in October 2015, or rather, they have been part of the original Win10 forum hosted on Freelists back in 2015) and contributed to this forum in one way or another. You may remember posts from these candidates over the years.

Candidates, if you could, please introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about your vision for this forum. After that, this thread will be locked and I will start the interview process. After the candidates introduce themselves, feel free to talk to them directly, or if you have comments, send them to win10+owner@win10.groups.io. I hope to make a decision later this month based on interview results and your comments, and once the successor is chosen, I will start the transition process in July.

Thank you.



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